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Overboard Games is a passionate and creative team that cares deeply about board games and marketing them. Our goal is to get your board game into the spotlight and shine brighter than the rest. So whether that’s a digital implementation, beautiful renders, or snappy animations, we can deliver what you need.


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Modelling & Animation

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Take Your Game Beyond A Bunch of Components On The Table

Digital Implementation

We can create your game inside Tabletop Simulator and Tabletopia at the highest quality. With colour coded pieces, naming, complex shapes all neatly aligned.

Professional Scripting

Once your game’s implemented the next best thing to do is to script your game.  Wheather it’s a setup, scoring or automated dexterity actions we can do it.

3D Environments

Now your game is on the table and scripted, the final stage is to wrap it up with one of our beautiful custom rooms and tables to match your theme.

Modelling and Painting

Our professional modeller and digital painter can make your minis come to life. long gone are the days of grey minis, say hello to paint.

Ready to Stand Out From the Crowd?

what we’ve been Implementing

Digital Implementations

Lots of games come out or go onto Kickstarter every week and we can make your game stand out digitally.  With a combination of scripting and a stunning environment We’ll make your game something you can use for a lifetime. Check out some examples below:

Check Out All Our Creations on TTS

what we’ve been Rendering

3D Modelling and Animation

Your promotional material and Kickstarter graphics can make or break your campaign. Therefore we create beautiful renders, animations, custom models, and more.

Testimonials From Our Clients

The Tabletop Simulator implementation of Plunderbund, has not just been excellent, it has expanded my brand and credibility.

Especially during the pandemic where all my convention business has been moved online, the professional appearance of my Tabletop Simulator game has garnered accolades from all types of players.

Folk that have come over from Tabletopia and Board Game Arena have reassessed their affiliation to the other platforms after playing.

Woody and Adam - Hutchu Games

Overboard Games was fast and great at catching the vision we desired for the Tabletop Simulator version of our game. We still get amazing comments about the look of our mod!

Sam Stockton - B.A Games

Working closely with Overboard Games has streamlined our playtest sessions and made our development process much more efficient. We Can’t recommend them enough.

Thanos - Fatasia Games

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