What is Bloom Town?

Bloom Town is a quintessential tile placement city building game. It’s got the bells and whistles you would find from this genre but it’s got clever mechanics that make it stand out.

So Where Do we Start?

At the start of the game everyone gets a very pretty town board, 2 starting tiles and bonus token. Then you create the town square by making 5 stacks of tiles and when 2-3 tile stacks have been depleted the game ends. As you can tell from the name this game is all about being fast and efficient to be the best flower in town.

How Do you play Bloom Town?

During the game you’ll pick one tile from your hand to play onto your town board and you will score the tile immediately and you will gain points depending on the type of building. As you can see bellow they all have adjacency scoring so from the start of the game you’re considering the type and placement carefully. One of the unique mechanics that comes into play when placing is that each tile spot has a flower icon that corresponds to the stack you will draw from at the end of your turn. Therefore you may really need to draw the house that’s on the tulip spot but you don’t want to build there. The generates much needed tension and makes you consider your building placement.

Bloom Town

The Mechanics of Bloom Town

A brilliant mechanic is the green blooming squares which give you a bonus action. One of these actions allow you do an extra turn and I know that turns off a lot of people but this game is very quick and this bonus action really hones in on the speed factor. The other is to double the score of that tile you just placed which is a bloomin good bonus but it’s best to use it at the right time. You’ll also get a bonus token which is one time use to trigger a community scoring that’ll get to next.

Bloom Town

A Mechanic That I Have An Issue With

Now we need to talk about the community tiles mechanics that doesn’t fit quite right into this game . When you draw the second type of that community everyone re scores all tiles of that type on your town board. The first issue I have is that they can come out during setup which gives serious first player advantage if the second tile community tile comes out on the first turn and secondly it can give advantage to some and not others and sometimes to no one. I would recommend house ruling that community scoring tiles go in after tiles have been drawn out.

Bloom Town

To Conclude

There’s been a lot of talk about the length of the game. It’s true that the game ends too soon but that’s if you look at Bloom Town from the perspective of it being a long city building game, which it’s not. It has a race factor to it and you can’t be a slow flower. I think this game could go on a little longer to make those community scoring tiles mechanically better. But it’s a 30-45 minute euro filler and that’s fine.

Overall Bloom Town is a enjoyable family game that I recommend you try out. The re-play ability is improved with a double sided board and how quick game-play. I however feel that after 10 plays that the petals will start falling away and it lose it’s staying power.