Decorum – Decoration Meets Aggression

Written by Kenny

June 17, 2022

Do you and your partner argue a lot about what color the curtains should be or why is the sofa facing 45 degrees when it should really be facing 90? Well then you two will be in for a treat when you sit down for a passive aggressive night of Decorum.

What is Decorum?

The designers behind Decorum are Charlie Mackin, Harry Mackin, Drew Tenenbaum. They had three things in mind when designing and that is hidden information, passive aggressive co-op and house decorating. This is all bundled into a wonderfully engaging 2-4 player game that takes around 30-45 minutes to play.

Layout of Decorum

Now the aim of the game as a couple or more is to decorate the house in semi silence, as you all try to complete your secret objectives at the same time. Each turn you either add, remove,or replace an objects or wall color in the house to suit your goal. However, every time you do one of these things your partner responds verbally either in a positive, negative or neutral way. Can you make them as happy as you are?

Player 1 and Player Two Objective Cards

You repeat this until you get to the heart to heart rounds in a 2 player games or the house meeting in a 3 to 4 player game. This is where you get a chance to openly talk about how the house decoration is going, in a 2 player game you reveal a condition on your card and in a house meeting you give general feelings and then reveal a condition.

Other than setup that’s pretty much all the rules to Decorum, this straight forward rule set with clear instructions creates a incredibly quick game to teach and play.

What Do I Think of The Game?

Decorum is a joy to play both with stranger at a convention or your long term partner, as there are 20 different scenario providing enough of a challenge to entice you in to play more, more and more until you’re passively aggressively redecorating your real life house.

The challenge comes in two forms, deduction and memory, both of which gel nicely together as it creates an emergence of understanding through placing, remove or replacing parts of the house. Everything you do generates a response which makes figuring out not just a challenge but a really fun one at that too.

Pair the puzzle of deduction with having to remember what your partner responded with creates a game where you will laughing and gritting your teeth, sometimes both at the same time. This is where the passive aggressive side comes in as you can’t verbally say how dare you put that green wall hanging in the upstairs bathroom!

Also worth noting that there is a campaign for 2 players means that you can get some serious game time with your partner as a game will take up to 30 minutes, so you can get 1-4 scenarios done a night.

Away from the mechanically puzzle passive aggressiveness the game is oozing with color and style with 4 different types of objects, curious, lamps, wall hangings and wall colors, each with their own unique theme being antique, modern, unusual, and retro.

Pile of Objects


The game really encapsulates what it’s like to live as and with a partner that is passively aggressively redecorating the house with the constant changing of objects around the house. And as the objects start aligning themselves into the right places you both start to feel that all is right in the world of Decorum. And upon completing the scenario the game invites you back for an extra piece of passive aggressive pie.

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