How to Play Tabletop Simulator on Steam

The Pandemic has hit and we all desire to play board games so I’ve created a series to teach you everything to do with Tabletop Simulator.

Tabletop Simulator is a physics based board game engine that can be bought on various sites but most notably Steam. With over 30 thousands games it’s the biggest platform to play all your favorite games. We have made 30 so far and that list will keep getting bigger.

To start off with you’re going to need to create a Steam account and download it. Then you’ll need to purchase Tabletop Simulator and install it. Next you’ll want to start subscribing to games, first find Tabletop Simulator in your library and click Workshop.Tabletop Simulator Workshop

From there on you can watch my workshop video down below which explains what it is.

From that point on you’re all set up, you’ve got your games in your library but how do you play them? Click create and then press single player or multiplayer and you’ll be greeted by a screen and all you need to do is click on workshop and all the games you subscribed to will be there waiting for you to play. If you want to go back to your games press the games button on the top left. You can also view the workshop from within TTS by pressing the Workshop button in the games area. You can leave the workshop by pressing shift tab.

You’re now in a game with no understanding of the controls well have no fear, watch this playlist and you’ll be a pro in no time. Learn how to use

  • Cameras, Shortcuts, Zooms
  • How to Handle & Manipulate Decks
  • Quality of Life Shortcuts

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If you’re struggling to find friends to play we have a Discord server of over 700 players! We would love to see you on board.