What is Human Punishment?

Human Punishment is a combination of social deduction, social experiment and party game for 4-16 players.

Human Punishment is the best social deduction game I’ve played. It expands the genre by adding depths and twists to create a fun, tense and energetic game.  The Machines want to eliminate the Humans, the Humans want to survive and the Outlaws want all the glory. But lurking in the shadows are the Legion and the Fallen, 2 extra teams you may have to contend with.

How Do you Play Human Punishment?

At the start of Human Punishment only you know the team you’re on, but that may change in the future. Your loyalty is based on the colour majority of your cards, Human blue, Machine red, Outlaw grey/no majority. The standard formula is twisted with some IDs that say you’re always X faction. Also there are some program cards that will give you X Loyalty in X faction. The way you find out someones loyalty is by looking secretly at one players loyalty card. Adding these mechanical adjustments to the game add depth without the consequence of making it more complex. Any time an ID is flipped everyone wants to know what it does and the tension it creates when doing so is very enjoyable especially at higher player counts as the game can get very chaotic.

Eliminating is wonderful Risk / Reward

One of my favourite feature is the weapons. The 3 basic weapons are the Pistol, Rifle and Companion with the possibilities of the Rocket Launcher and the Laser. When you equip a weapon you aim and then have to wait 1 round to shoot, change target or drop the weapon. Weapons in Human Punishment aren’t universal, the weapons can affect a player in two ways; either reveal a card or take damage. Every player has 2 HP and when shot they can either reveal their loyalty card / ID  or lose 1HP. This is a clever mechanic as you can try and remain secret for longer by taking damage or just start revealing who you are and last longer. But that’s not all, . This is genius as it allows people to convince you to change your mind whiles you’ve got a gun pointed at them ramping up tension and a kill if the player isn’t convinced.

A big change to the meta of social deduction games

As I mentioned previously you can potentially survive longer but when you do meet your demise it could actually benefit you. Human Punishment adds unique abilities to the ID cards and one of them is to bring someone back from the dead, there’s also a program card that can do it too. These two ways of coming back from the dead are groundbreaking and add some serious chaos to the game due to the fact when you die you find out who’s team everyone is on so you can find out if the game is over or not. This means you can talk about what you know if you come back alive. This is incredibly funny and chaotic when you’re in a big game and someone comes back alive and knows everything.

The Conclusion to Human Punishment

this is a thrilling and shot of an adrenaline to the social deduction genre that rightfully needed one. I can’t rate this game highly enough, I’ve never had this much fun in a social deduction game since Resistance but Human Punishment will now and maybe forever be crowned the best social deduction game on my list.