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With the sheer amount of games coming out every month being able to play a game before you pledge is a must

Do you have a game coming to Kickstarter or a game going on pre order? If so then get in touch with us today to discuss how we get your game on to Tabletop Simulator.


Overboard Games does Tabletop Simulator Creations, 3D Modeling and Game Analysis for board game publishers and designers.

3D Modeling

3D Concept Art

Using speed modelling techniques we can make conceptual imagery to help you visualize what you want.

Our current skill-set allows us to create architecture, terrains, and the various objects one finds in board games. These models can be 3D print ready for prototyping purposes and then improved upon for manufacturing.

Animation / Visual Imagery

Using what we’ve already created we can proceed and create various animations / visual images to promote your game. There are many animations we can do, including, but not limited to, setup videos and animated imagery.

  • Gardens of Babylon 3D Render

Game Analysis

There are a lot of levels to game analysis so we’ve devised 3 levels to suit your needs. Get in touch today to get a consultation booked.

1.UX consulting:

Comprehensive analysis of your game’s current user experience. One week of analysis, culminating in a detailed write up to be delivered.

2.Macro game design consulting:

Full analysis of your game’s structure and flow, measured against “Communication, Motivation, Learning, Balance, Pacing, and Feel”. One week of analysis, culminating in a detailed write up to be delivered.

3.Game tuning services:

Analysis of your game’s current tuning, along with comprehensive suggested tuning iterations. One week of analysis, one additional week of iterative testing, culminating in a detailed write up to be delivered.

Justin D Leingang
Justin D LeingangGame Analyser
Justin is forever a student of game design as both a science and art form. Working professionally as a designer and creative director for video games, over the course of twenty-plus years, Justin has spent uncountable hours honing his craft—and loves, more than anything, sharing his knowledge with others.

Having worked with Justin on several projects, I can say with out question he is one of the most creative, talented, and driven designers I have worked with. Not only did Justin constantly explore new game play paradigms to engage the player, but his focus and attention to detail are unparalleled. To top it off, his enthusiasm and excitement make him a pleasure to work with.

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