What is Trellis?

Trellis is a very accessible family weight game about placing tiles and blooming flowers across colourful vines. Trellis is a race to be first person to bloom all 10 of your flowers to win the game.

The Main Mechanics in Trellis

Everything in this game is about blooming your flowers. You place a tile down you BLOOM, you connect to the same colour vine you BLOOM, You allow someone to BLOOM, you get to BLOOM too. It’s really blooming quick game which will last around 20 minutes or less.

What I noticed the most about Trellis is that it’s got two major issues, scalability and player ability. Trellis even though is a family game is best played with more than 1 cut throat players. When playing a 2 player game it fell quite flat and dull as there was very little competition.


The Change at Player Count

I experienced a drastic difference in a two player game and a three player game. A two player game felt hopeless as victory was very predictable. It came down to both players being 1 or 2 flowers away from winning and first player normally won. However in a 3 player game it added randomness that was really necessary to make this game fun and exciting. Even though we still came down to 2 or 3 flowers each during the last few rounds we never felt hopeless.

With all it’s flaws Trellis is very appealing as by the end of the game it looks really pretty. Also with the bold coloured vines on black tiles it’s a very easy to play in almost all lighting types.


The Conclusion

At the end of the day Trellis is all about finding the best opportunities to Bloom every time and helping your opponents bloom at the right moment to secure victory. I can’t recommend Trellis to gamers dues to it’s flaw but I would for a family that’s looking to have fun creating colourful vines.